Overview of Gunite Pools in Kansas City

When considering a swimming pool, there are many outstanding options. However, the most popular choice in Kansas City is gunite pools. Gunite, which is concrete, has become a top solution offered by the best pool builders in the country, and for many good reasons.

For gunite pools in Kansas City, you want to work with the right pool builder that has a strong understanding of this material and years of experience using it. An excellent consideration is Premier Pools and Spas of KC. Our family-owned and operated business takes extreme pride in providing customers with an outstanding experience and beautifully completed swimming pool.

Key Advantages of Gunite Pools in Kansas City

Compared with other types of pools, there are many advantages to gunite. For one thing, concrete is highly durable. With gunite pools in Kansas City, a rebar framework is laid, creating a strong foundation. Over the framework, a high-quality sand and concrete mixture is sprayed. As a result, the shape of the pool’s basin holds up better. In addition, the pool is extremely durable, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Another advantage of gunite pools in Kansas City is versatility. Some types of pools have limitations as to size and shape, but with gunite swimming pools, this is not a problem. The only restriction that Premier Pools and Spas of KC may face is the size of the area where the pool will be built. As long as there is sufficient space, virtually anything is possible. You can choose a more standard size and shape or work with a company representative to create a customized concrete pool.

Gunite pools in Kansas City are also finished according to the owners’ preference. Typically, the finish should complement the overall outdoor space. You want to consider landscaping, a decorative patio, and even the color and style of the home itself. For the pool decking, there is a wide range of color schemes, or you could choose a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, such as aggregate concrete.

You also have the choice of different features that can be attached to gunite pools in Kansas City. As an example, if you spend a great deal of time entertaining family and friends, you might consider having a swim-up bar installed. You can also have unique seating installed where people can stay in the pool yet sit down to visit with other guests. Because of their beauty, durability, and versatility, gunite pools have become the top choice for both Kansas City home and business owners.