Enhancing a Swimming Pool in Kansas City with a Stamped Concrete Deck

There are a number of exciting ways to enhance the overall aesthetic of an existing swimming pool in Kansas City. Obviously, the shape and design of the pool itself are critical. However, to make it even more appealing, you might consider having the pool colored or add special lighting and landscaping. Another option is the installation of a stamped concrete deck.

Because the deck is an extension of the pool, it needs to be attractive yet functional. You have many options to consider, but without question, a swimming pool in Kansas City with a stamped concrete deck is going to make you the envy of your family, friends, and even neighbors. This type of decorative concrete is not only beautiful but also extremely versatile. For that reason, you can create virtually any look that you want.

Primary Advantages of Using Stamped Concrete

There are actually many reasons that you should consider stamped concrete deck for your Kansas City swimming pool. For one thing, you have a wide array of stamped patterns from which to choose. The most popular are seamless designs, such as flagstone, slate, and stone, because this method mimics natural stone. However, you have many alternatives.

Something else to think about for the deck around your Kansas City swimming pool is the wide range of color choices. When working with the professionals at Premier Pools and Spas of KC, you can choose one of the gorgeous colors we offer or even more than one color for a customized aesthetic. By choosing a base color and a colored release agent, the stamped concrete will take on a unique appearance that looks antiqued.

One additional benefit in choosing a stamped concrete for your Kansas City swimming pool is that this particular surface is sealed. As a result, there is little, if any, risk of damage caused by pool chemicals. Therefore, the deck will provide years of service.