Gunite Pools: Why Hotels in Overland Park, KS are Breaking Away from Tradition

For many years, hotels in Overland Park, KS have chosen to enhance their guests’ experience with fiberglass pools. Although some hotels have advanced to concrete, the majority are now turning away from tradition by going with Gunite pools. This is not done by happenstance, but as the result of strategic planning and good marketing efforts.

In support of the tremendous growth experienced by hotels on both the Kansas and Missouri side of the river, new hotels have cropped up. For some time, the majority of hotels were located north of the river near KCI airport to accommodate incoming travelers. However, Overland Park, KS is now seeing its share of new hotels mingling with existing hotels. Because of this, competition is fiercer than ever before.

To stand out as a top choice, hotel owners recognize the importance of improving the experience that guests have. One way of accomplishing this is with the installation of Gunite pools. Unlike other types of inground swimming pools, Gunite pools can be built in virtually any shape and size. This gives hotel owners in Overland Park, KS more versatility, thereby presenting their guests with a pool that is unique to any other.

Longevity of service is another reason why so many hotels in Overland Park, KS are turning to Gunite pools. As an investment, hotel owners want something that will last a long time and yet still look great and function optimally. Because this eliminates a great deal of time and effort on cleaning and maintenance, hotel staff are in a better position to focus their attention on more guest-related matters.

Whether installing Gunite pools as part of new hotels under construction or as a way to enhance an existing hotel, installation can be done relatively fast. This helps stay on schedule for new construction while preventing downtime for guests who choose to stay in an existing hotel. As a superior choice of swimming pool, it makes sense all the way around for hotels in Overland Park, KS to feature beautiful Gunite pools.