What Are the Different Types of Landscape Lighting to Enhance a Backyard Space in Overland Park, Kansas?


Landscape Lighting

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To enhance your backyard space with landscape lighting, you need to understand the different options. Not only will the right lighting transform the appearance of your backyard, it will highlight architectural features of your Overland Park, Kansas, home. Adding lights is also a great way to bolster security.


  • Wall Lighting – Both scones and lanterns provide indirect uplighting and downlighting. For a cohesive look, consider wall lighting on the back of your home and around the patio area.
  • Landscape Lighting – Actual landscape lighting is designed to highlight specific features of your backyard, such as plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, a waterfall connected to your pool, columns associated with your patio, and so on. Well lights and small spotlights are two of the most common choices.
  • Hanging Lights – Hanging lanterns and pendant landscape lighting create a special environment based on the chosen design. If you want your outdoor space to feel festive, consider brightly colored Oriental lanterns. For a more refined aesthetic for your Overland Park, Kansas, home, go with clear glass pendant lighting that features black metal design accents.
  • Post Lanterns – For something dramatic, post lanterns are ideal. Available in a wide range of designs, this type of landscape lighting is perfect for illuminating areas around a swimming pool, spa, or patio. While post lanterns are attractive unilluminated during the day, they really enhance a backyard space at night.
  • Ceiling Lights – Ceiling lights are a great choice for patios. Lights with unique glass features produce beautiful reflections on a decorative concrete floor, water fountain, fire pit, fireplace, and other architectural aspects of your patio.
  • Cove Lighting – For areas around the pool, spa, walkway, fountain, patio, and even architectural features of your Overland Park, Kansas, home, cove lighting is great. These hidden strips of lights contain LED bulbs that last a long time while enhancing aesthetics and safety.