Going Green with Concrete Pools and Patios

When it comes to building an outdoor pool or patio in your Kansas backyard, you have many factors to consider. First, you need to decide where you want the pool or patio to be and what shape you like – then you have to decide what materials you want to use and whom you want to hire to build it. More and more Kansas residents are choosing concrete for their outdoor pools and patios because it is a versatile material, but it may not always be the greenest choice.

Tips for Green Concrete Pools and Patios

The main concern in using concrete and cement for outdoor pools and patios is the cost to the environment for gathering the materials. To help reduce the environmental impact of your outdoor pool or patio project, choose a concrete that has been made with recycled waste. Concrete can be supplemented with as much as 50% recycled waste materials, like ash from power plants and slag from ground blast furnaces. Not only can these recycled materials make your concrete pool or patio greener, but they can also increase the durability and water resistance of the material.

Another great way to make concrete pools and patios greener is to use reusable metal or plastic forms instead of wooden boards. Wooden boards used to make pool and patio forms are often made from old-growth trees, and they are typically discarded after just one use. You can still use wooden boards if you must, but keep them for future use or resell them. Once you’ve installed your concrete pool or patio, make sure to landscape the surrounding area with plenty of native plants. This will help reduce runoff that might carry pollutants to the sewer, where they will be added to the local water supply.

For green outdoor pools and patios, Kansas residents are turning to concrete contractors like Premier Pools and Spas. If you want to build an outdoor pool or patio in a green, environmentally friendly way, give us a call.