Why Should You Choose a Gunite Pool Builder in Kansas City?

If you want to maximize the use of your outdoor space, you should consider building a pool. A pool is a great place to spend time outdoors with friends and family, taking advantage of the warm summer weather. If you want an outdoor pool that is affordable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting, then consider a gunite pool.

What Is a Gunite Pool?

A gunite swimming pool is a very versatile and durable type of outdoor pool. In order to build a gunite pool, you create a rebar framework in the desired shape of the pool, then spray a concrete-sand mixture over the rebar. This method of pool building is superior to the traditional method that requires a wooden framework and poured concrete because it is faster to install and will last for many years. Gunite pools are also very versatile – they can be made in virtually any shape and finished with whatever color you like.

Why Use a Kansas City Gunite Pool Builder?

If you have your heart set on an outdoor pool, hire a gunite pool builder. A gunite pool builder will know exactly what needs to be done to prepare your yard for a pool and will be able to complete the job professionally from start to finish. When it comes to finding a gunite pool builder, Kansas City residents trust Premier Pools and Spas. We have nearly 20 years of experience building pools and spas, so you can rest assured that we will do the job right. All of our products are backed by limited lifetime warranties, and we guarantee your satisfaction. What more could you ask for?

If you have your heart set on an outdoor pool, consider hiring a gunite pool builder to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can start using your pool as soon as possible.