Exciting and Innovative Options for Pool Remodels in Overland Park, Kansas

Now that you have enjoyed having a swimming pool at your Overland Park, Kansas home for some time, you may realize that you want something different. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to pool remodels. In fact, you have multiple options that will enhance the way your pool is used, as well as your home and backyard space.

Remember, when it comes to pool remodels for your Overland Park, Kansas home, you have many incredible options. However, those listed below represent some of the hottest trends at the moment.

  • Waterfalls – By having a waterfall added to your pool design, the entire aesthetic changes. Immediately, your pool will have a more tropical feel that everyone loves. However, a waterfall also creates a space that is relaxing and peaceful, making your pool as well as pool deck the perfect escape after a hectic work week.
  • Swim-Up Bar – If you enjoy entertaining guests, what better way to make an impression than with a swim-up bar? Among the different pool remodels available for Overland Park, Kansas homeowners, this has become increasingly more popular for those who enjoy quality time with adult friends. Of course, the concrete seats and countertop can also be enjoyed by children at lunchtime or when eating snacks.
  • Diving Board – This is not just any diving board, but one made of concrete that provides people with a completely unique experience. Not only will the new diving board be a lot of fun, it adds to the overall aesthetics of the pool. For pool remodels, Overland Park, Kansas residents agree that this is an option worth considering.
  • Lighting – Most people never think about lighting when discussing pool remodels. However, you can select lighting that creates a romantic aesthetic or perhaps one that consists of colorful lights that makes the backyard space more vibrant and fun.
  • Landscaping – Just like options for lighting, many Overland Park, Kansas homeowners miss the opportunity that comes from having a pool builder add unique landscaping.