Accenting Your Custom Pool with a Relaxing Spa

Having an outdoor pool built into your backyard is great, but there is one thing that can make it even better – a custom relaxing spa. Having a swimming pool is a great way to cool off, but there may be days when you prefer to relax in a warm spa instead. If you are thinking about upgrading your pool with a custom spa, make sure to call Premier Pools and Spas for a quote.

Spa Hot tub

Spa Hot Tub

Benefits of Custom Spas

When it comes to custom pools, Kansas homeowners know what they are doing. Homeowners have learned the importance of hiring an experienced professional to plan and build their custom pools, so adding a custom spa is no different. While you might be able to hire an ordinary contractor to install a prefabricated spa next to your pool, a custom pool builder will be able to make all of your dreams come true. With a custom spa, you can choose the size and the shape of the spa as well as its position relative to your pool. If you go with a custom spa, you will also be able to expect that the spa will blend well with your existing pool – this might not be the case if you install a prefabricated spa.

Tips for Installing a Custom Spa

Before you even think about hiring a builder, make sure you take a careful survey of the space around your pool to be sure you have room to install a custom spa. Next, think about the shape and the design of your spa so you have some details to share with contractors when you start shopping for quotes. Don’t forget to think about what kind of building materials you want to use, not only for the spa itself but for the deck around the spa as well. Once you have considered all of these important details, you can then call a pool builder to get a quote. If you are serious about hiring an experienced professional, be sure to include Premier Pools and Spas on your list.

Installing a custom spa is a wonderful way to accent your custom pool, and there is an endless number of options for customization. You can choose an unconventional shape, or choose building materials that are different from but complementary to the materials used to build your pool. Do not be afraid to add accents, like a waterfall, a built-in seat, or an extra set of Jacuzzi jets to fully customize your spa. If you can dream it, an experienced pool builder can make it happen.