Landscape Lighting: The Perfect Solution to Enhance the Aesthetics of a Hotel Pool in Overland Park, KS

Whether visiting an Overland Park, KS, hotel while on a business trip, for vacation, when going to see family, or just to take a break from the kids left at home with the grandparents, guests expect a lot. In this affluent city with beautiful hotels, they want excellent service, luxurious room accommodations, and, of course, a swimming pool complete with gorgeous landscape lighting.

Building a Pool in Kansas City

Building a Pool in Kansas City


Regardless of the reason for going to a hotel, guests deserve to have a positive experience. Hotels that boast heated pools, colorful decking, comfortable chairs and lounges, and landscape lighting allow guests to escape reality, even if only temporarily. Many hotel owners in Overland Park, KS, work hard to provide their guests everything that they want and more.


Some hotels use landscape lighting as a part of a theme, some to highlight a prominent feature, and others to create a peaceful and somewhat romantic atmosphere. However, lighting around a pool also enhances safety at night. Especially when it comes to children who tend to run around, lighting not only looks incredible but also helps light the pool deck and walkway, thereby preventing accidental falls.


Although there are endless possibilities, a popular choice consists of landscape lighting on each side of the walkway leading to the pool, coupled with accent lights that illuminate the perimeter of the pool decking. For something extra special, some hotel owners choose dimming or fading lights, which give the entire pool area a unique look and feel.


Tall pole type landscape lighting is also an excellent option, sometimes complemented by shorter lights of the same style or random styles. Either way, these lights produce the perfect level of illumination, not so much that it becomes annoying, yet enough to move around safely.


Many people think of Overland Park, KS, as having a flat topography. In reality, there are subtle hills and lots of mature trees. When swimming or sunbathing during the day, trees provide shade in some areas. At night, they become the perfect focal point for landscape lighting. In addition to highlighting some of the nearby trees, flood lights create interesting shadows that add to the allure of the pool.


Recessed type landscape lighting also is ideal for hotel pools. Because they recess into the ground, you never have to worry about guests tripping over them. At the same time, they help light the way to and from the pool area. With so many options, hotel owners love getting creative so they can make a positive impression on their guests.