How to Use Landscaping to Create a Sophisticated Backyard Oasis in Overland Park, Kansas

Many homeowners with a swimming pool or spa choose a tropical backyard theme, which is fine. However, if you host a lot of parties or entertain important clients at your Overland Park, Kansas, home, you probably want something different. To accomplish this, the right landscaping is important.

  • Choose a Theme – Start by choosing a theme for your backyard. For a day spa theme, consider having a wooden walkway built leading to a circled entertainment area that is partially hidden by taller shrubs and trees. If you prefer a desert oasis theme, you can create an area set away from the house with a fire pit, seating, and comfortable pillows, topped off with various cacti. When choosing a Tommy Bahama theme, you could go with brick or flagstone steps leading from the pool to a flat surface with an open fireplace and seating. To enhance that design, your contractor can plant ground coverage along one side of the steps coupled with palms, ferns, and flowers around the perimeter of the seating area.
  • Privacy – Depending on your Overland Park, Kansas, backyard, you may have an issue with privacy. To solve the problem, have your contractor install a lattice screen and add hanging flowers, tall shrubs, and creeping ivy. Not only will your backyard oasis become private, it also will be more aesthetically pleasing.
  •  Plant-Covered Arbor – If you have an arbor over your patio, a fresh paint job and a wonderful selection of hanging would be gorgeous. Something so simple will completely transform the way your patio looks and feels. To complete your oasis, add comfortable seating and colorful throw pillows.
  • Planter Boxes – If you have a large pool but little grass, you can place planter boxes around the pool deck. With the right plants and flowers, your entire backyard will take on a more sophisticated appearance. To create the oasis that you want, you can make each planter box look the same or unique while still coordinating.