Maintaining Swimming Pool Covers for Kansas Pools – What You Should Know

Swimming pools have a range of important equipment necessary to keep them clean and safe. Your pump is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but there are more. One of the most often overlooked pieces of equipment is your cover. Maintaining swimming pool covers in Kansas is vital not only for keeping the cover itself in good shape, but for protecting your pool and ensuring the safety of small children and even pets in the family. How do you maintain your pool cover correctly?


One source of cover wear and damage is incorrect pool chemical mixture. Pool covers, whether you have a manual cover or an automatic cover, can be damaged if the mix is off in your water. The rule of thumb is to only cover a pool filled with swim-quality water. If the mix is so off that you wouldn’t swim in the water, don’t cover the pool, as the chemicals will begin degrading your cover. After adding chemicals to your pool water, allow ample time for them to mix properly before covering the pool.

Water Level

Water level is important primarily for automatic covers. If you have an automatic pool cover system, make sure the pool water stays at the “mid-skimmer” level. This will help prevent water from washing into the cover mechanism and potentially causing damage.

Clean Off Chlorine

One of the more important considerations for maintaining swimming pool covers for Kansas pool owners is to clean off the chlorine buildup on the fabric. Every three to six months, you should wash the side that stays in contact with the pool water. Use a mild soap (hand dishwashing soap is ideal), and make sure to avoid any harsh cleansers, as these can also damage the fabric of the cover.

Automatic Cover Maintenance

Automatic pool covers are very convenient, and ensure that even large pools are protected. However, the machinery responsible for automating the covering/uncovering processes requires ongoing maintenance. Make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubing and care throughout the year.

Maintaining swimming pool covers in Kansas can be difficult for owners unsure of the factors affecting wear and tear on their cover and cover system. Premier Pools and Spas offers a full range of pool maintenance solutions, including pool cover maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our services.