Trends for Enhancing Outdoor Pools in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2018

As with many things, trends for outdoor pools in Overland Park, Kansas, change every year, with 2018 being no exception. This year, you can expect to see several new exciting ideas. Consider incorporating one of these trends to enhance your swimming pool.


  • Wet-Edged Pool – Perhaps one of the hottest trends that Overland Park, Kansas, homeowners will see this year is the wet-edged pool, formerly called “infinity” outdoor pools. With this design, you will enjoy an incredible view from all angles. If your goal is to have a pool that looks elegant, even luxurious, a wet-edged pool is perfect, especially if your home is near a lake.
  • Themed Outdoor Pools – You will also see an increase in the number of themed pools. A professional pool builder can create anything that you want, including a pool shaped like a guitar, fish, palm tree, and so on. For a pool used by family and friends, a theme makes swimming more exciting and fun.


  • Smaller Pools – Just because you have limited backyard space at your Overland Park, Kansas, home does not prevent you from having a pool built. In fact, in 2018, builders anticipate a significant number of people choosing smaller outdoor pools. However, if you have a large backyard, reducing the size of the pool gives you room for other things, like a fully functional outdoor kitchen, gorgeous landscaping, a patio large enough to accommodate a relatively large crowd, a separate hot tub, and more.


  • Multiple Fire Pits – Special features have always made outdoor pools more inviting. This year, a lot more people will opt to have numerous fire pits built as part of the pool design. In addition to the illumination creating ambiance, for Overland Park, Kansas, homeowners, the warmth of the fire pits makes it possible to enjoy sitting around the pool area even during colder months.