Tips for Using Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Overland Park, KS, Front Yard

When it comes to projects on the outside of the home, a lot of people in Overland Park, KS, focus the majority of their attention on the backyard. There is nothing wrong with that, especially for homeowners who have a swimming pool or spa and spend a significant amount time with family and friends. However, the front part of the house also deserves attention. After all, people see the front before they see the back.

Building a Pool in Kansas City

Building a Pool in Kansas City

  • Layering – Some people do not realize how beneficial layering is. Working with a professional, you can come up with a unique plan that consists of task, ambient, and security lighting. That way, you get to enjoy beautiful lighting but also enhanced security.


  • Path Lights – Especially if your home sits in an Overland Park, KS, neighborhood without street lighting or you have a lot of trees and shrubs in the front yard, path lights help safely guide your friends and family to the front door at night. However, the right style of lights will also enhance your home’s appearance during the day.


  • Solar Lighting – Many Overland Park, KS, homeowners make environmentally friendly decisions. For them, as well as others, solar lights are another excellent choice of landscape lighting for the front yard. In addition to beautiful design options, solar lights require no wiring. Because of that, you can place these lights virtually anywhere. During the day, the solar light batteries store energy from the sun so that they turn on automatically at dusk.


  • Low-Voltage – Low-voltage landscape lighting also works great in the front yard. If the walkway to your front door has darkened bends, these lights make the path easier to see and, therefore, safer.


  • Uplighting – For something more dramatic for the front of your Overland Park, KS, home, uplighting is ideal. This type of landscape lighting accentuates trees, hanging foliage, or architectural features of the home while bolstering security at night.