Swimming Pool Services That Should Be Performed by Overland Park, Kansas, Professionals

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard or are thinking about having one installed, the more you learn, the better. Whether above or below ground, all pools require proper cleaning and maintenance. Especially when it comes to Gunite pools, you need to know what things you can do and what type of swimming pool services you should leave to an Overland Park, Kansas, professional.

Swimming pool in Kansas City

Swimming pool in Kansas City


  • Manufacturer-Approved Cleaning Products – Typically, you would be responsible for upkeep, such as simple vacuuming, emptying out the filter, and skimming the surface. Beyond that, you should rely on professional swimming pool services. Experts in the pool building and cleaning industry understand the materials used for different types of pools. For that reason, they use only manufacturer-approved products.


  • Harsh Chemicals – Another reason to consider professional swimming pool services to keep your Overland Park, Kansas, pool clean is that for certain types of pools, experts use harsh chemicals. For example, to eliminate stubborn stains, rust, mineral deposits, and more from the interior of Gunite pools, a professional uses a mixture of water and muriatic acid. If this substance gets on the skin, it can cause burns. For this reason, the professionals don the appropriate protective gear and use specialized equipment to apply the mixture to the interior surface of the pool.


  • Identifying Potential Issues – Another advantage of using a professional pool service is that in addition to cleaning, the person working on your pool looks for any possible problems. For instance, if the person cleaning your pool notices a rip in the pool liner, quick action would prevent the problem from turning into a disaster. With the correct fix, you can continue using the pool and entertaining guests.


  • Education and Training – Although you can read about the different cleaning and maintenance procedures for your type of pool, someone who offers professional swimming pool services has the necessary education and training to get the job done correctly. Whether this person is providing scheduled services or responding to an emergency, you feel confident that your pool is in the best hands possible.


  • Safety – Safety is a top priority for people who offer swimming pool services. Because of that, they keep debris out and the pH balanced so that the pool is sanitary and clean. That prevents your pool from becoming a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria. When your pool is clean, everyone enjoys healthy swimming.