Are Pool Remodels at Overland Park, Hotels, a Good Investment?

When hotel owners in Overland Park, Kansas, start talking about pool remodels, they get excited, especially considering all the incredible options available today. However, renovating a pool is not automatically a good investment. For people who own hotels in this city thinking about upgrading a pool, they first need to determine if the investment is worthwhile.


  • Level of Business – For hotel owners interested in increasing the volume of business, they may want to consider other upgrades initially. Then, as the business improves, they can talk to a professional pool builder about a remodeling project.
  • Replacing Old with New – For outdated swimming pools at Overland Park, Kansas, hotels, a remodel is usually an excellent investment. For example, if current pools have a severe leak, the mechanical systems show signs of age, the fixtures and surfaces have worn out, or there are no decent safety features installed, pool remodels are an excellent investment. Not only is the pool new, this provides hotel owners the opportunity to add unique features.

 Enhanced Aesthetics – Pool remodels for busy hotels are also a great idea. With fierce competition among hotels in Overland Park, Kansas, it is imperative for owners to provide guests with an exceptional experience. With remodeling, the overall aesthetics of the pool and surrounding area improve.

 Depending on the type of swimming pool, remodeling can take weeks to months to complete. Therefore, if owners want to upgrade the pool at their Overland Park, Kansas, hotel, they should make sure the work gets performed at the most opportune time. That way, it will be ready once summertime guests arrive. Now, for an indoor pool or a heated outdoor pool, an expert should schedule the remodeling product during the slowest time of the year.


Most importantly, hotel owners need to select a reputable company that specializes in pool remodels. The professional can assess the situation and then make the recommendations for the best return on investment.