Why it is So Important to Hire the Right Professional for Pool Equipment Repair

For a pool to be operational and the water clean, various equipment is required. Depending on the type and size of the pool, as well as any special features installed, a swimming pool typically operates on three or more pieces of equipment, including the pump, filter, heater, cleaner, and purifier.

Even if you have some knowledge of swimming pools, it is always best to use professional services for pool equipment repair. For example, not all pool pumps are the same. There are single-speed one horsepower pumps, two-speed pumps, and variable-speed pumps. Although they all perform in a similar way, they contain different parts and components. Without having full knowledge of how to fix pumps, it’s easy to make a costly mistake.

As a whole, pumps have different motor speeds designed to produce the best combination of water flow, energy consumption, and pressure. Sometimes the entire motor goes out, while other times the problem has to do with a damaged part or electrical issue. Instead of spending time trying to fix the problem only to make matters worse, allow for pool equipment repair to be performed by an expert. Not only will the repair be done correctly, but your pool will be up and running quickly.

The same scenario holds true for pool filters. There are different types, including sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters. Although making repairs to the filter is not as complex as fixing the pump, this still requires special expertise. Remember, experts who deal with pool equipment repair have formal training, and many experts are licensed or, at minimum, certified to do the work.

When the correct repair is done to the pool filter, the water will ultimately be cleaner and therefore safer. Once the filter is in excellent operating condition, you will likely experience fewer water problems. While making the repair, the technician may suggest that you upgrade to a larger or different type of filter as a way of improving water quality and limiting the need for maintenance.

In both Kansas and Missouri, some people choose to have a heater installed. This makes it possible to extend “pool season.” Once again, there are different types of heaters, each unique. If your pool is not heating as it should or you experience some other issue with the heater, leave this pool equipment repair to an expert. This person has in-depth knowledge of what to look for and the most efficient way to fix the problem.