Hot Ideas for the Best Swimming Pools in Kansas

When most people think of a swimming pool, they naturally tend to think of a traditional kidney-shaped or rectangular-shaped pool. Today, however, you can have any style swimming pool you would like. When it comes to the best swimming pools in Kansas, the options are limitless. As a result, more homeowners are now opting for non-standard designs to suit their fancy or enhance the look of their backyard space.

If you need a little inspiration, below are three great ideas for the best swimming pools in Kansas that are particularly popular right now. Of course, your own swimming pool does not need to fall into these options. One of the great benefits of an in-ground swimming pool is that you can have it built to whatever shape and size you prefer.

Natural Swimming Pools

For homeowners who prefer something a bit more natural looking, a freeform shape that mimics the look of a natural body of water could be an ideal choice. These types of swimming pools can be built to blend into their environment with a variety of landscaping elements, such as waterfalls, stones, and plants.

Plunge Swimming Pools

Plunge pools typically feature a rectangular shape. While they are small, they are also deep. With no shallow end, they help to maximize small spaces. A variety of features may be included in a plunge pool, such as a sitting edge or a water jet. This is a great choice for people who want to enjoy the ability to jump right into the water.

Exercise Pools

If your primary reason for building a swimming pool is to stay fit, then an exercise pool could be a great choice. For instance, with a lap pool, you can have your own private swimming lane. Another option would be a swim spa. This type of small pool usually includes specialized water jets that make it easier for you to swim in place.