Creating a Pool Area That People Will Want to Use

How many times have you said it? “Use the pool, or I’m taking it out!” Realistically, you can’t be blamed – you spent all that time and effort on pool design because your family said they wanted a pool, and now they’re not using it.

But think about this – it’s possible that if they’re not using the pool, it’s because the design isn’t all that great. Now you’re saying “What am I supposed to do? It’s already installed!” Well, you can still modify.

Think about the area around your pool that gets the most use. It’s where the most people gather, right? And now you’re saying “Well, isn’t that obvious!” Maybe so… but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take this into consideration. They crowd all the living facilities (you know, tables, chairs and so on) into a far-off corner, and just leave a huge expanse of deck that’s got nothing at all going on.

This is an easy fix – spread the furniture around. Maybe think about adding a fire pit to encourage people to socialize. Also, think about what people are looking at while they’re lounging poolside. Most of the time, people orient everything away from the wall of the house. But that can actually be a mistake – sometimes it’s actually better to look at an attractive façade than it is to look at the neighbor’s back yard. If your family or guests are looking out past the house, but at something that’s not really appealing, why not think about upgrading your façade? Nothing wrong with turning your back on the neighbors!

Look at the deck, too. Is it attractive? Is it functional? Does it invite socialization, or is it just a means of access to that pool that we’ve already determined no one is using? It’s pretty much a given that if the deck is attractive and the pool is inviting, you won’t have to be threatening your family with uninstalling the pool. However, if the deck doesn’t draw them in, there’s very little else you’re going to be able to do to convince them to use the pool.

Why not get the family together and ask them what they’d like to see in terms of pool deck design? You could have the best backyard in all of Kansas City or Overland Park – all you need is a little input.