Creating Decks for Outdoor Pools and Spas

When Overland Park, KS residents are creating their outdoor pools and spas, it can be difficult to think of everything. For example, it’s quite common to get so excited about your new pool or spa that you forget entirely about considering the pool deck! Creating pool decks for outdoor pools and spas is an important part of the installation process, and one that will greatly affect the overall appearance of the pool or spa in question. While the options are in theory nearly endless, here are some recommendations for what to do with your pool deck.

First of all, choose the right material. While there are a wide variety of materials available for pool decks, concrete is probably a good choice, especially for outdoor pools and spas. It is the standard choice for performance reasons, but it doesn’t have to have the standard look.


Pool Deck options

What makes concrete such a good choice for outdoor pool decks? Well, durability is one factor. With the proper seal, concrete resists damage from water along with damage from any cleaning chemicals you may have around your pool at one time or another. Additionally, it won’t wear down very quickly, and if it does wear down slightly, it can usually be repaired rather than replaced, so it saves money over the long term. It can save money in the short term, too, being less expensive than some of the other materials available for pool decks.

Concrete decks for outdoor pools and spas can also look like just about anything you desire. A skilled contractor can emulate the look of stone, brick, and more with a clever combination of stamps, stains, and dyes. This can lead to getting a deck that looks very expensive or intricate for much cheaper or in much less time, which any homeowner can easily appreciate.

It’s also ideal to get your deck accessories, like furniture or lighting, from the same contractor that did your pool deck in the first place. That way you can be sure that everything coordinates and know you are getting a quality product that will hopefully last nearly as long as the deck itself. Premier Pools and Spas of Kansas City is here to give you help every step of the way as you create brand new outdoor pools and spas. Ask for more advice specific to your yard!