Choosing a Pool Builder for Pools and Patios in Kansas

There’s a lot to be said for owning your own home, including the ability to spend time outdoors in your own private back yard. Pools and patios for Kansas homes help you make the most of that outdoor time. Of course, you’ll need to hire a pool builder to create your pool, deck and patio, and that’s where things can get a little tricky. If you’re considering improving your back yard, follow the tips below to ensure you choose the right company.

Ability to Truly Customize

One of the first considerations when choosing a builder for pools and patios in Kansas is to assess whether the company can actually create custom options based on your wants and needs. Too many companies offer “custom” pools and patios, but actually force their clients to choose from a list of preset templates. That’s not customized. Make sure the company you choose can actually plan, design and construct your pool and patio based on what you want.

Pool Features

When comparing builders specializing in pools and patios for Kansas homeowners, consider the number of additional features the company can offer for your pool. Customization options abound today, and run the gamut from waterslides to infinity edge design and waterfalls. Hot tubs, kiddie tubs and other unique features are also possible with the right contractor.

More Than a Patio

Patios can be more than just gray, concrete slabs. The right company can provide you with a wealth of options. These can include installing a hot tub on the patio, all the way up to building a full outdoor kitchen or family gathering area complete with benches. Some of the most popular options include custom surface treatments like coloring with dyes and stains, patterning and stamping, and texturing to create the look and feel of another material (natural stone, brick and even wood).

Choosing the right company for pools and patios in Kansas can be tricky if you’ve never compared contractors before. Make sure to look not only at the company’s services, but their reputation and pictures of what they’ve been able to achieve for previous clients. Take the time to ask about how the customization process works – do they conduct a full interview to learn what you want and what you don’t want? With the right contractor, you can create virtually any type of pool and patio combination to fit your needs.