Affordable Swimming Pools in Kansas Are Possible

The middle of the day during summer months can get very warm and humid, and for many people, the best way to cool off is by taking a swim. Some Kansas homeowners might believe that affordable swimming pools aren’t available. The good news, however, is that you can get a swimming pool on a budget, especially if you plan correctly and have a bit of patience. There are plenty of little things you can do to bring down the price of your pool.

Don’t Buy Your Heat

When you first buy or install a swimming pool, you will probably be using it on hot summer days. This means that the sun will automatically heat up the water, making a heater unnecessary most of the time. A great way to make your pool more affordable initially is to install it without a heater and add one in later if you decide you really need one. Waiting also lets you ensure you buy the right type for your needs

Keep the Patio Small

Installing a pool in your yard is already a big project, and to make it one of the affordable swimming pools Kansas homeowners enjoy, you want to start with a small patio. You will still want some concrete or other surface around the pool to separate it from your property, but you probably don’t need more than around 3 feet to start. Remember, concrete is versatile enough to add on later and still match your initial apron design.

Think About Size

In addition to thinking about the patio size, don’t forget to consider how big of a pool you need. Take some time to ponder what you will be using the pool for. If you plan on hosting pool parties, then you will probably need a larger pool that can fit more people. If you like to swim laps, you can maybe get a narrow pool, provided that it is long. The general rule is that smaller pools are more affordable, so pick the smallest size you can enjoy to stay on budget

Select Your Timing

Perhaps the biggest secret to affordable swimming pools is the timing of the installation. Most people in Kansas want to install their pools in the spring or summer so they can take advantage of it right away. If you wait until fall or winter, however, chances are that pool companies won’t be as busy. They may even offer an off-season discount to bring in extra money. This means that just waiting an extra three to six months can bring a pool down from expensive to affordable.